Oracle Database Technology – the Oracle  server versioning 

Oracle Version2 – first commercial RDBMS

Oracle Version3- rewritten in the  C programming language

Oracle Version4 – improved query performance

Oracle Version5- added a networking stack for client-server computing

Oracle Version6-OLTP improvements, Oracle parallel server

Oracle Version7- first “Morden” Oracle

  • New security model – roles and privileges.
  • PL/SQL and sql improvements.
  • Datatypes for video and images.
  • 64-bit architectures.


Oracle Version 8

  • The object-relational database.
  • Java support
  • Linux support

Oracle Version 8i- the “Internet Database”

  • New suffixing standard
  • More support for HTTP, HTML and Java
  • Function- based indexes
  • Materialized view

Oracle Version 9i

  • Over 750 new features
  • Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC)
  • Began regular Security Patches

Oracle Version 10g

  • “g” for Grid computing
  • Improvements in RAC
  • Automatic Storage Management-ASM

Oracle Version 11g – After 4 year

  • Even more features
  • Real Application Testing
  • Online patching

Oracle Version 12c- the cloud database

  • Six-year development cycle
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Virtualization because a part of the database

  Oracle Version Numbering

12: – Measure release  number

1: – Minor release  number (it is maximum 2 only not more than yet)

0: – App Server release number

1: – Patch level  number

0: – Specific number


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