Delete applied archivelog script

We need to delete archivelogs which are applied on standby servers. Following script will do the job for you. vi /home/oracle/crons/

2. Give executable permission to the file

3. Add to cron. It runs everyday at 22:05


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Recover a datafile from copy

Let’s recover if some datafile is unavailable. Let’s delete users01.dbf datafile which is in USERS tablespace.

Let’s try to create a table name A in tablespace Users.

We need to restore and recover the datafile. Restore means copy from backup, recover means applying changes since the backup is taken.

Restore datafile:


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Recover controlfile

Controlfiles saved at least in 2 locations. If one of them is corrupted then you can copy from other one after shutdown database. In this case I will show you how to recover from autobackup via RMAN. So you need CONFIGURE CONTROLFILE AUTOBACKUP ON; in RMAN and you should have full backup database. It can […]

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