Compute is one of the key component in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Compute is a machine with Instance Type ,OCPUs(Oracle Compute Unit) , RAM , local disk , network bandwidth and number of VNICs you can attach to your instance.

There are different types of Computes available in OCI.

1.Bare Metal Instance :

In Bare Metal Instance , you get the complete bare metal server , it is also known as Single-Tenant server. You get the benefits of direct hardware access with all the security , capability , elasticity and scalability.

2. Virtual Machine Instance :

Here you will get multi-tenant option which is possible through virtualization of OCI on bare metal server. When you don’t require compute and memory power of a single physical server , you can go with this option. The VMs are isolated from each other.

3. Dedicated Virtual Machine Host :

In this option , you can run all your virtual machines on a single physical server which will not be shared with other customers of OCI.

It is also known as Single-Tenant environment , as only your VMs will be hosted on that physical server.

4. Compute GPU :

GPU compute is cloud platform provided specifically for deep learning and scientific computing. GPU computing is the use of a GPU (graphics processing unit) as a co-processor to accelerate CPUs for general-purpose scientific and engineering computing.

5. Bare Metal HPC :

HPC computes are designed for high performance computing workloads which require high processing power and networking. Most of traditional high performance computing is still done in traditional on premise servers. HPC computes provide far better performance improvement in computing with high workload.

In next post we will see all available storage option in OCI.

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