Database release 12c extends patch install automation for patches that contain post-patch SQL instructions.
Prior to Oracle 12c such patches required manual intervention to complete the post-patch SQL instructions after restarting the database.
Datapatch is the new tool that enables automation of post-patch SQL actions for RDBMS patches.
Datapatch resides in the opatch directory i.e $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch folder (On Windows platforms : %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch).

Datapatch can be executed to complete post-patch SQL actions after the database is restarted following patch application.
For patches that do not have post-patch SQL actions to be performed, calling datapatch is a no-op.
For patches that do have post-patch SQL instructions to be invoked on the database instance, datapatch will automatically detect ALL pending actions (from one installed patch or multiple installed patches) and complete the actions as appropriate.

From 12c onwards, after applying the patch, as part of post patching activity, we need to run datapatch utility.

If you have applied javam patch in the ORACLE_HOME, then while running datapatch you will face below error.


We need to start the database in upgrade mode, if JAVAM patch is applied to ORACLE_HOME.

Now run datapatch:

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