Setting NLS_LANG variable in Oracle Database

Today we are going to have look at a different topic of Oracle Database. As we all are aware that language is the most important and common element which we use in daily life. We can find the different county with different language. For more friendly nature oracle provides a parameter by which we can set language and […]

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Oracle Active Data Guard Overview & Architecture

We have seen 3 types of Standby Databases Physical Standby Database Logical Standby Database Snapshot Standby Database To know more about it Oracle Dataguard Oracle 11g comes with a new option : Oracle Active Data Guard. Oracle Active Data Guard is an optional license for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Active Data Guard enables advanced capabilities that that […]

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Converting a Snapshot Standby Database to a Physical Standby Database

In the previous post, we convert Physical Standby to Snapshot Standby . In this post, we can convert Snapshot Standby to Physical Standby. Prerequisites : Snapshot database is already exists Primary Database Snapshot Standby database mgr mgr Step 1 : Check Primary Database Information :

Step 2 : Check Snapshot Database Information :


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Converting a Physical Standby Database to a Snapshot Standby Database

In the previous post, we can read about Snapshot Standby Overview. In this post, we can convert to Snapshot Standby. Prerequisites : Physical Standby Database is already created and synchronized with Primary Database . Database Details : Step 1: Check Primary database :

Step 2 : Check Standby Database :

Step 3 : […]

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Snapshot Standby Databases: Overview & Architecture

Snapshot Standby Database : We have already seen types of standby database in Data Guard. Oracle Dataguard In this article we are going to see Snapshot Standby Database in deep. In snapshot standby type database stays in a read,write mode that is fully update-able database. Snapshot standby database is created by converting physical standby database […]

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SQL Loader in Oracle

Today we are going to learn about “SQL Loader”. The journey of Oracle Database does not end here.  Let’s have look at the technical definition of SQL Loader. what is SQL Loader? The primary method for quickly populating Oracle tables with data from external files is called SQL*Loader. From its powerful data parsing engine that puts […]

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Managing Role in Oracle

Today we are going to have look at Role in Oracle database. It is the most important part of Oracle database. User Privileges and Roles is the most common task that is performed by Oracle DBA. With roles and privileges, we can easily point out which user has what responsibilities in databases.     Let’s […]

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Flashback in Oracle

We are going to have look at another part of the Oracle database. Flashback is going to be the topic of our discussion of today. Let’s start with its introduction after that with its example. Being DBA we have to make us familiar with Flashback technology. It is considered as a good feature of Oracle Database. What is […]

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OCM 12C Journey

I wrote two OCM exams back to back because I wanted to write 2-days OCM 12C exam but there was no schedule in India for 2-days OCM 12C exam, So first, I wrote 2-days OCM 11G on 9th & 10th April and then I wrote an exam of OCM 12C Upgrade on 23rd April in […]

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