Apply latest PSU (Jan 2020) on Oracle Home

In this article we will apply the latest PSU applied to Database Home.  Latest Patch : Database Jan 2020 Release Update : (30593149) We need to initially download the desired PSU and My Oracle Support compatible OPatch utility ( Doc ID 2118136.2 -> Quick References to Patch Numbers for Database / GI PSU, SPU (CPU), […]

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Upgrade Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 13.4

As Oracle annouced that new Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 release is now available for download! To download it, you can either visit the Oracle Enterprise Manager downloads page or visit the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud. We are going to upgrade from OEM 13.3 to OEM 13.4 with repository database Prerequisites for Upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control […]

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Monitoring OCI with Grafana

In previous post, we installed Grafana on server. Now, we are going to install OCI Plugin for Grafana and set up monitoring.  Login to server and check grafana cli is working or not.

Then list the plug-in from CLI commands.

After that install the plug-in.

On sucessful installation of plug-in, restart the […]

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Installation of Grafana on OCI Instance

In this post, we will show you how to install Grafana from the repository on a OCI Instance which Oracle Linux 7.7 running. First, connect to the server with private key and the fetch the latest package of Grafana from

Now install Grafana using the following yum command.

Now Install dependent libraries. […]

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OCI Cloud Instance with Jenkins

In this post, we can add OCI compute instance with Jenkins. As a prerequisite, we already configured OCI plugins and add the credentails in Jenkins. On the Jenkins Server console, click Manage Jenkins, and Configure System. Scroll Down to the end of page under Cloud section. Use the credentials which we created in previous post. […]

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Add OCI Credentials in Jenkins

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Credentials are required to connect to your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.  On the Jenkins Server console, click Manage Jenkins, and Configure System. Scroll Down to the end of page under Cloud section, click Add a new cloud and select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute. In Name provide any name & Credentials, click Add and select Jenkins In Add […]

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Jenkins Plugin for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Plugin allows users to access and manage cloud resources on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from Jenkins. A Jenkins master instance with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Plugin can spin up OCI Instances (slaves or agents) on demand within OCI, and remove the Instances and free its resources automatically once the Job […]

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Jenkins Installation on Oracle Linux

Jenkins is a free and open source automation server. Jenkins helps to automate the non-human part of the software development process, with continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery. Let’s begin with installation of jenkins on Linux based server. Login to server and install the java or update the java if it’s already […]

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New Features in Oracle Database 20c

Force Upgraded Password File to be Case Sensitive Starting in Oracle Database 20c, the parameter to enable or disable password file case sensitivity is removed. All passwords in new password files are case-sensitive.  SYSLOG Destination for Common Unified Audit Policies Certain predefined columns of unified audit records from common unified audit policies can be written […]

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