This post is about “ORA-08104”.  We are going t learn how to solve this issue. Steps are mention below:-

While dropping an index, if you are facing ORA-08104 error, then you need to clean it using dbms_repair


SQL> drop index eric_icmsprod.SOTRAN00_IDX1;
drop index eric_icmsprod.SOTRAN00_IDX1
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-08104: this index object 94771 is being online built or rebuilt


you have not installed the patch for Bug 3805539 or are not running on a release that includes this fix.So smon is very slow in cleaning up


— check the object_id

SQL> select obj# ,name from obj$ where OBJ#=94771;

———- ——————————
94771 SOTRAN00_IDX1

— Run dbms_repair for the object_id

SQL> declare
lv_ret BOOLEAN;
lv_ret :=dbms_repair.online_index_clean(94771);

— Verify whether index has been dropped or not

SQL> select obj# ,name from obj$ where OBJ#=94771;

no rows selected.

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