In today’s post, we are going to have a look on the latest and future database’s introduction. As Mr. Larry Ellison has been announced in OOW17 about the future database that is a huge change in the world of Oracle technology. In the world of automation, we have seen huge changes from basic daily life to professional life. There is a huge advancement in each and every area of life. The journey of Oracle database started from Oracle v2: 2.3 reached on 12c.

In the latest announcement, we have look on Oracle 18c. Most of the companies cost to go on performance tuning and maintenance of database due to bad performance business has to suffer from lots of issues like loss of business, workload etc. this kind of key points kept in mind while designing Oracle 18c which is now Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud. It offers total automation based on machine learning and eliminates human labor, human error, and manual tuning.

It has lots of new features which prefer No human labor means half cost, no human error means 100x  reliable. Its main aim is  “self-driving” database.

Here No Human Labor represents automation in Installation, Patching, Upgrades and Tuning of Oracle Database which uses the Robot Technique with the help of Machine Learning.

This ground-breaking Oracle Database technology automates management to deliver unprecedented availability, performance, and security—at a significantly lower cost. For the business use, Oracle 18c is available in  December 2017.


As in previous of version of Oracle, the database had huge development but yet something was missing which is completed in new one database. there is some reason why so we can say Oracle Revolutionizes Cloud with the World’s First Self-Driving Database which is mention below:-

  • Self-Driving:- Technology grows so fast we have seen lots of normal equipment that are self-drive now in Oracle 18c we have this feature. The self-recovering intelligence to automatically detects and applies corrective exertion to ensure nonstop access to your data.This new autonomous database is easy to deploy. Creating a new data warehouse is a simple “load and go” service. Users simply specify tables, load data, and then run their workloads in a matter of seconds—no manual tuning needed.
  • Lower Cost: –  No business would like to spend much money like a water flows. Each and every business either small scale or large scale cost plays an important role for them. All kind of industries spends a huge amount of money on IT departments to sustain in a big competition. It eliminates costly downtime due to manual, error-prone configurations with adaptive management including a self-driving application of patches, updates, and upgrades. Self-tuning uses adaptive machine learning, which automatically activates columnar caching, storage indexes, compression, and resource prioritization to deliver resources needed for actual work performed on the workloads, avoiding costly over-provisioning.
  • Reliable:- The self-recovering capability automatically detects and applies corrective actions to ensure nonstop access to your data. Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud will automatically implement Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) and cross-region Oracle Active Data Guard to ensure always-on availability. We can find no downtime for maintenance, updates, upgrades, or adding compute and storage capacity.

Conclusion:- We must say that technology is shaping  a move towards a huge change which is good for all technical folks we get a new things to learn and upgrade our technical skills, industries war against cost and downtime will be solved and customers are the king of market there also some benefit for customers time will save that is huge positive change for them. Due to any change, we cannot reach to the negative side as in the history of computer we can see the demand of Computer does not the reduce job and other opportunities on another hand it has been solving the lots of issues. Only thing with new changes that we must ready to new skills.

New changes bring the new and different kind of responsibilities to any profession same in DBA’s profession now we have to be more attentive and develop new skills sets to upgrade the old one. As per this move towards cloud will acquire the market within 10 years.

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