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Oracle Real Application Cluster is an Oracle solution that seems will improve in a endless way. Every Oracle Release we have new features that perhaps we never expected to have. Oracle 18c is not the exception, we have amazing new features.

Oracle EVP of Server Technologies Andy Mendelsohn said:

“We’re not going to do that with our SLAs,” he said. “We’re going to implement online patching using RAC rolling upgrades and use best practices on top of one of the most powerful and reliable platforms for running Oracle Database—Oracle Exadata.”

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud will offer instant elasticity for databases. For Instance, now a customer can go from 8 cores of database computing to 16 cores to scale-up for end-of-quarter processing, then back down to the less expensive 8 cores. “We can do it instantly because our RAC technology lets you scale across clusters of servers very quickly, so we won’t have to move data around,” he said. “In order to grow its databases, Amazon has to move data to a new, bigger system and this can take hours or days”, he said. “That’s not truly elastic.” Mendelsohn envisioned a scenario using Oracle where, “you could even shut down all your compute CPUs over the weekend so you’re not paying for them, then start them up again on Monday morning,” he said. “That’s elastic.”

According to the last 2 paragraphs, you could easily realise that Oracle RAC will be one of the key components related to the functioning of Autonomous Databases.

So.. Let’s see some technical points..

Oracle Real Application Cluster is one of the key components of Autonomous Databases for several reasons:

  • Rolling Patch
  • Rolling Upgrade
  • Domain Services Cluster Management Service (DSC) working with Machine learning ( This started in 12.2. , however in Oracle18c we will experiment a more advance functioning )
  • and more..

If you want to read rest to the article, go across this link : Oracle 18c: RAC New Features

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