Connect to Oracle Cloud Database using SQL Developer

By default, the Oracle DBaaS Cloud Service blocks access port 1521 used by tnsping. You have to open the port before you can connect using SQL Developer or Connecting to another instance via sqlplus. Log in to the Oracle Database Cloud Service and click on the service name which you already created. Note down the […]

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Create Database on Oracle Cloud

We will show you how to create database on oracl cloud database. Log into your Oracle Cloud Services account Go to the “Oracle Database Cloud Service” and create a new service Select “Oracle Database Cloud Service” as the type of subscription from the Dropdown Select the SSH Public Key as shown in the attached figure […]

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How to make a table read only in Oracle

Oracle 11g allows tables to be marked as read-only using the ALTER TABLE command.

Let’s create a table and make it read-only.

Any DML statements that affect the table data results in an ORA-12081 error message.

DML and DDL operations return to normal once the table is switched back to read-write mode. […]

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VARIABLE In Oracle 12.2

    You may use SQL*Plus to test queries with bind variables. Here is what you do before 12.2:

You can now simply:

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