Description:    RDB1 as TARGET SERVER
                        RDB2 as CATALOG SERVER

  1.  create a database using DBCA on catalog server as catalog database i.e. RDB
  2. create a service in target server for the catalog server connection.
  3. check service alias using TNSPING servicename(EX:TNSPING RDB2) in terminal prompt
  4. set oracle_sid=RDB2
  5. conn sys@RDB2 as sysdba
  6. create user rman_user identified by rman_user default tablespace USERS;
  7. grant resource,connect,recovery_catalog_owner to rman_user;
  8. set oracle_sid=RDB1
  9. connect to RMAN
  10. connect target /
  11. connect catalog rman_user/rman_user@RDB2
  12. create catalog tablespace users;
  13. register database;
  14. connect in toad using RDB2 and run this :
select * from rman_user.rc_database(name column : RDB1)

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