Cloning Database with RMAN :

A cloning database is useful for a variety of purposes, most of which involve testing. You can perform the following tasks to clone database:


You should have 2 servers , both server should have Oracle Software installed on them.

Oracle Version :
OS : Windows 10
Database Name : DBTEST

set oracle_sid as dbtest and login to sqlplus.

Set db_recovery_file_dest and db_recovery_file_dest_size according to your database.

Check supplemental logging at database level :

Enable supplemental logging if not enabled .

check force logging at database level

Enable force logging , if not enabled.

Now connect to RMAN

Now set controlfile autobackup on , this will automatically backup the controlfile and spfile when you backup your database.

Take full backup of database using backup database command.

Make this backup available to server where we are going to start cloning process.

Restoration Process 

In windows we need to start the service explicitly using oradim command :

Connect to RMAN and startup nomount command. You can see , if oracle wont get proper pfile or spfile to start instance you provided , it will start it using default parameters for you .

Restore SPFILE to pfile using autobackup .

Restart database using pfile we have restored from autobackup .

Restore the controlfile

Mount database using controlfile we have restored.

Now Restore database :

If new archive logs are generated after backup was taken transfer it to clonedb server and apply recover database command:

Note SCN shown in error and apply following command :

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  1. Sayan Malakshinov

    It’s much easier to use “rman duplicate”. You can duplicate from backup or active database and change any spparameters you want during this process, for example:

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