Recovery Catalog: RMAN metadata is stored in a different database instead of the control file. That database works as a repository.

Follow the given steps to create a recovery catalog database

Step 1: Connect to the target database which you want to use as a recovery catalog.

Here in my case, I am using pdb as a recovery catalog

Step 2: Change your session to the pdb database

Step 3: We need to create a tablespace which we need to store backup information of registered databases.

Step 4: Create a user who will work as a recovery catalog owner

Step 5: RECOVERY_CATALOG_OWNER role is needed for the user to create catalog database

Step 6: Create TNS entry in tnsnames.ora for pdb database

Step 7: Connect RMAN to pdb database with catalog clause

Step 8: Apply to create catalog database command

Step 9: Connect RMAN with target and catalog clause

Step 10: Register target database  and check the structure of the database using report schema

Step 11: Optionally you can take backup with recovery catalog if you want

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