In this article we will enable block change tracking

Now, what is block change tracking?

Block change tracking is a mechanism of Oracle database to record changed blocks in a file. It helps us in taking incremental backups. While tracking incremental backups, instead of scanning all datafiles for changed blocks RMAN can simply read change tracking file and can take backup accordingly.

Step 1: Connect to the target database and enable block change tracking using ENABLE BLOCK CHANGE TRACKING command.

Step 2: Now lets us see the effect here.

Take incremental level 0 backup :

Step 3: I am changing blocks of data files by inserting some records in a table

Step 4: Take an incremental level 1 backup.

We can see in above output CDB level backup completed in 00:00:01 time and pdb backup skipped as we have not changed any data block on pdb level.

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