We know that when we take backup using RMAN it has its configuration for Retention Policy. Every backup has its retention policy either in days or in a number of back-ups. And backups are stored in the Fast recovery area. Once a backup exceeds from its retention policy it becomes obsolete.

But today we will see a KEEP FOREVER clause of RMAN taking a backup. Which is very important when we require it for some hands-on activity.

It is called archival backup. Archival backups can be created with an open or mounted database.

Things to consider when taking archival backup :

1. We must configure the recovery catalog to take archival backup.

2. Archival backups cannot be taken in Fast Recovery Area

Steps to create an archival backup

Step 1: Connect to target as target database and catalog as catalog database :

Step 2: Take backup with keep forever

You will get above error if you are not set location for backup other than DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST.

Step 3: Set backup format and take backup

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