Here we will simulate recovery scenario of database.First we will create crash situation and then we will try to recover from that.

Check backup is available for your database

Now connect your pluggable database

Create one tablespace in pluggable database .

Create one user and grant quota on this tablespace to that user.

Now lets create a table which will be stored to TEST tablespace.

Now lets check data of this table by connecting to TEST user

Connect database in root container and shutdown it using abort option

Move to the datafile physically

Lets start database now.

We can see CDB$ROOT database is opened successfully. Lets check alert log of database.

We can see alert log shows error occurred while opening pluggable database. Now lets start TEST pdb.

Lets take help of RMAN. Check failure using list failure command .

It is showing us that TEST pdb’s system datafile needs recovery and it is in critical stage.

Lets check what solution is available in RMAN using advise failure command .

Lets check preview of repair failure , which will just give us commands and not perform actual recovery.

Lets perform recovery.

Lets again check list failure to crosscheck if any failure still exist

Let us open TEST pdb now.

We can see here after RMAN’s repair failure the pdb is open now.

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