ORA-14020: this physical attribute may not be specified for a table partition

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Recreate Database Using Only Datafile and Logfile

Let’s have look on the steps are used by Oracle DBA  for “Recreate Database Using Only Datafile and Logfile”. Backup of the control file in trace

create password file and service

set the environment and start the database in nomount

Create the controlfile

NOTE- If you want to set the new name […]

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New feature in Oracle 11g database to kill session

Now we can kill session after finishing existing transaction to be finished. Means in previous release there was no scope to finish on going transaction. Instead of “alter system kill session” here we can use “alter system disconnect session”. Using syntax “POST_TRANSACTION” we can kill session for active transaction has to be completed first and […]

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Shrink Lob segment in Oracle

Today we are going to have look on “Shrink Lob segment”. Before we start the article we must know about the heading. What does it stands every one must know. Shrinking Segments: Overview Shrinking a sparsely populated segment improves the performance of scan and DML operations on that segment. It resolves mainly two issues:- • Full table scans […]

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How to add Datafile in Oracle

Today we are going to learn about modifications of Tablespace. In production Database, we do update tablespace on daily basis. Being a DBA it must be on our key tips. Right decision on correct time is more fruitful. Being DBA our brain must be active about database health on daily basis we must do a modification […]

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How to Stop MVIEW from auto refresh

As we are well known that whole technology is getting change towards advancement. All things are working on automatic. Even software works on autonomous. In RDBMS we have a feature to stop automatic refresh MView.       Let’s have look how do we stop automatic refresh MView  Connect as mview owner.

You will see mview refresh job […]

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Startup Procedure in Oracle

We are going to have look at the most basic but most important part of Database. It is the first step of Database. We can call it initial stage of Database. Let’s have look at this image. It indicates some hidden simple and most meaningful message. Ladders are to meant to climb only it shows we […]

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Fix Invalid Or Unusable Index in Oracle

Being Master of RDBMS world. We must aware of Index on the database. Indexes play an important role in the life of Database management.  Today we are going to have look at the steps which we use to “Fix Invalid Or Unusable Index“. Let’s have look at the steps. Check Unusable or Invalid Index:

Rebuild […]

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Apply Patch without shutting the Database

Most of the time, we can shut down the database and listener for patching the database home. But there is a method to apply the patch without shutting down the database and listener. Checking the database and listener running

Checking the lsinventory

Now, we can apply the patch

Again, check the lsinventory […]

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Network link in expdp

The export operation is performed with data that is consistent up to the specified SCN. If the NETWORK_LINK parameter is specified, then the SCN refers to the SCN of the source database. Follow following steps to the export database using network-link. Source database: demo Target database: uat Database platform : Step 1 : Create a tnsnames.ora […]

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