How to disable and enable archive log in Oracle RAC

After the core DBA, continue our journey towards RAC environment. Today we are going to explore the steps use for “How to disable and enable archive log in oracle RAC“ Let’s follow the steps. Hopefully, you will feel the difference in RAC. Step1: First we need to stop database instance on node1 using sqlplus.


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Oracleasm configure fails with selinux enable

Let’s fix up “Oracleasm configure fails with SELinux enable” with the help  of the following help.

Check the status

Change SELINUX=disabled in /etc/sysconfig/selinux file and save it. Reboot the server.

Run getenforce to confirm that SELinux is disabled:

Retry to configure the asm driver

Thought’s of the day! “I’m addicted […]

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Highly Available VIP (HAVIP)

Highly Available IP (HAIP) comes from on-words and maximum 4 define for Private network Now in 12c version introduces Highly Available VIP (HAVIP) a Clusterware-monitored VIP that can be used for non-Database applications. Typically, VIPs are created for VIP or SCAN listeners for Database connections. In some cases, the need arises to create a […]

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Recovering OCR using physical backup

Step 1: Identify OCR physical backup using the following command

Step 2: ocrdump

Step 3:  Bring down all instance and database before performing recovery of OCR.

Step 4: Restore backup using OCR file we have got in ocrconfig -showbackup command.

Step 5: Start CRS service on all node.

Step 6: Run […]

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Evaluation and Prediction in Oracle RAC 12c

In a DBA’s routine, we perform thousands of command every day. Sometimes it also happens we don’t know the post-impact of the command. Then, Oracle 12c Comes up with very powerful feature WHAT IF EVALUATION. It shows us the impact of command without actually performing it. So with help of this our life can become […]

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Manually Converting Non-RAC DB to RAC DB

In previous articles, we have seen various methods of converting Non-RAC database to RAC database. In this article, we will convert non-RAC database to RAC database using RMAN backup-restore utility. Single Instance DB Name RAC DB name RAC Instance Node RAC Instance Name RAC Node Name MGR MGR Node 1 db1 RAC1 Node 2 db2 […]

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Server Pools in Oracle RAC

Before Release of Oracle Clusterware 11g release 2, we define a specific instance belong to specific node.a DBA manages each instance of the database by defining specific instances to run on specific nodes in the cluster. And it is pretty well with small no of nodes in your RAC database. But when no of nodes […]

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Plug Single Instance PDB to RAC CDB

In this article we will Plug Single Instance PDB to RAC CDB. Single Instance CDB Name Single Instance PDB Name RAC Instance CDB RAC Instance Name RAC Node  globdb pdb1 CDB1 RAC1 Node1 RAC2 Node2 Step 1 : Check status of Globdb and CDB1

Step 2 : Check details of globdb :

Step […]

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ACFS file system Mount and Dismount Operation

Before we shut down ASM instance it is important to dismount acfs file system , Once it is dismounted all open references to Oracle ASM files are removed . If ACFS file system is active and ASM instance is forcibly shut down , acfs file system will be placed in offline error state.If any file […]

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Creating ADVM volume and ACFS File System

To see overview of ACFS file System , Oracle ASM Cluster File System Step 1 : Basic thing to use ACFS file system is compatible.rdbms, compatible.advm parameter should be set to 11.2 or higher.

I got error while updating compatible.advm parameter , to set compatible.advm to 11.2 we need to first start acfsload with […]

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