RMAN Backup With Archivelog

This post is  about how to take RMAN Backup With Archivelog

Note: This will backup all archivelog file and delete those from a target location. If we physically delete some archivelog file before backup then we have to execute the following command before backup-

Some other Options:

Today’s thought Positive thinking […]

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Delete applied archivelog script

We need to delete archivelogs which are applied on standby servers. Following script will do the job for you. vi /home/oracle/crons/remove_applied_archivelog.sh

2. Give executable permission to the file

3. Add to cron. It runs everyday at 22:05


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How to Purge Listener Log in Oracle

Being DBA we all are aware that Oracle Database makes a connection with a client with the help of listener. Oracle provides the facility to have look over the status of Oracle listen. Being a part of IT we must be aware that 24*7 We require database live but due to some unfortunate conditions database […]

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MAXDATAFILES and other files in Oracle

This Post is about the trick by which we can use to monitor the CRDs of Oracle Database. Monitoring is the most important and common task in RDBMS. Without monitoring CDR Let’s have look on the query which we use to monitor main elements of Oracle Database CDRs. — MAXDATAFILES Select ‘MAXDATAFILES ‘ || records_total […]

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How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool in Oracle

Todays let ‘s have look at the query which we use to resolve this issue ” How to Flush Single SQL Plan out of Shared Pool”.      Find the address and the hash value

Execute the purge procedure

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information. If you […]

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Progress status of index rebuild in Oracle

  The game never ends after the creation of anything. It starts when it comes to the phase of maintenance. Today we are going to have look on the query which is used to look “Progress status of index rebuild/creation or long operation”.      Let’s have look on the query.

v$session_longops will show […]

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Find users with DBA privilege in Oracle

Being Oracle DBA we are aware that Oracle provides lots of views and parameters which helps DBA a lot to maintain the database. In this article, we are going to know about the user’s privilege. We may find that different users have different permissions in the database. Let’s have look at the query which we use […]

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Schedule rman backup in windows

We are going to learn about the steps which we will use for schedule rman backup in windows. Most probably Organisations use Linux and Unix OS as per there requirements but sometimes as per company’s requirements, we have to use windows. Here we are going to have look at the process of schedule rman backup in windows.   Let’s have look at it. […]

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Being DBA, we all are well aware SCN. We all known about it’s important. SCN is the most important element of Oracle Database. It helps DBA in the Recovery Database.       Database SCN number some time is very important 1) Particularly when you are doing rman recovery 2) Filling gaps of archive logs between the primary […]

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How to Check/Validate That RMAN Backups Are Good

From today’s post, I am going to remind you all about those colleges day when we used to learn about the validation in programming languages. In daily life are aware of validation. In the database world, it is little different. Let’s have look at the types of validation in general terms.     Some of […]

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