We have already seen overview of snapshot standby database.
But while converting snapshot standby database few things we need to consider.
  1. Corruption of log files : As we already know snapshot database accepts redo log files from primary when it is converted to snapshot mode but it does not apply redo log to snapshot standby. So, if there is a corruption of redo log file at the standby database has occured , we can not discover it until snapshot standby database is converted back to physical standby database and managed recovery is started. If flashback log file is lost or corruption occured in that , it might prevent reverse conversion.[snapshot standby – physical standby].
  2. Time constraint in case of failover process : If in worst case if primary database crash while physical standby database is converted into a snapshot standby database , we need time to convert it to physical standby and then physical standby to PRIMARY role. And if there is lots of redo that needs to be applied it becomes lengthy process to convert snapshot standby to physical standby database.
Target Restrictions :
Snapshot standby database gives many benefits. But there are some restrictions when we want to activate snapshot standby database.
  1. When you are using Maximum Protection mode for your database and you want to use snapshot standby database , minimum 2 standby database must be configured for your primary database else you can  not convert your physical standby database to snapshot standby database.
  2. Snapshot standby database can not be a target of switchover process.
  3. Snapshot standby database can not be a target of a fast-start failover target.

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