Before understanding, Architecture let us first understand the components of Data Guard Broker.

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Data Guard Components :
Oracle Data Guard Broker consists of Client side and Server side components.
  1. Client Side Components
Oracle Enterprise Manager
DGMGRL [command line interface]
2. Server Side Components
DMON Process
Configuration Files
DMON Process control database of that configuration and modify the behavior of configuration file at runtime. It monitors the overall health of the configuration and provides notification of other operational characteristics.
Oracle Data Guard Configuration File contains maintains profiles which describe current state and properties of each database in the configuration.
Data Guard Broker: Configuration
A standard Data Guard Configuration have one Primary database and up to 30 standby databases. Databases in data guard configuration are typically dispersed geographically and are connected by Oracle Net.
Broker configuration is a logical grouping of standby and primary database in one place. DMON process
configures and maintains the broker configuration components as the group of resources which you manage and monitor as a single unit
Data Guard Broker Architecture : 
As Oracle doc says, The Oracle Data Guard broker is a distributed management framework that automates and centralizes the creation, maintenance, and monitoring of Data Guard configurations.
We can see in above diagram when a client using dgmgrl command line interface or with Enterprise manager request to see data maintained by data guard broker or request to perform any action DMON process which server-side components of data guard broker interacts with a client and DMON processes of other sites to perform requested function.
The DMON process is also responsible for monitoring the health of broker configuration and for ensuring that every instance has the consistent copy of configuration file in which DMON process stores it data. There are always two multiplexed configuration files for each instance.
DMON process is server-side background process which is part of every database instance which is managed by data guard broker. When we start data guard broker a portion of memory is allocated and DMON process is started.

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