Physical Standby Data Guard Health Check :

After creating any DR server, our main concern is that it should be in synchronized state So if an outage occurs at Production database, we can move to standby database as soon as possible.

To know more about it Oracle Dataguard

We have following steps to check Data Guard Health.

Database Details :

Primary Database Unique Name Standby Database Unique Name
mgr std_mgr

Step 1: Check Primary database protection mode and switchover status.

Step 2: Check maximum archive log sequence at primary :

We can see here Primary Database’s current archive sequence is 47.

Step 3: Check database role, protection mode at standby database :

The standby database is in a Physical Standby role and it is in a maximum performance mode.

Step 4: Now, At standby database check archived logs are applied or not until the maximum sequence we checked from Primary Database.

Here we can see v$archived_log says Archive log until sequence 45 is applied to the standby database and archive no 46 is in memory.

Step 5: Check recovery progress with the v$managed_standby view.

I have just checked v$managed _standby view after viewing v$archived_log, recovery is made till the 47th archive sequence and MRP process is waiting for next archive log that is 48.

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