Commit Sequence Number [CSN]

We know that all database management system maintains some kind of unique auto incremental number of its own at the completion of each transaction like we have SCN number in Oracle database. With that number, we can uniquely identify that transaction.

With reference to the above description, We can say that Commit Sequence Number is an identifier that Oracle GoldenGate constructs to identify a source transaction.

CSN number is processed in a platform-independent manner. It helps to maintain transactional sequence and data integrity.

We can find a particular point in time with the CSN number.

GGSCI (localhost.localdomain as ggs_owner@stdorcl) 6> info replicat rep2,detail

REPLICAT   REP2      Last Started 2018-10-09 00:41   Status ABENDED
Checkpoint Lag       00:00:00 (updated 535:12:42 ago)
Log Read Checkpoint  File /u02/ggate/dirdat/ba000000001
                     2018-10-07 02:28:34.141368  RBA 2042

Current Log BSN value: 1734948

Last Committed Transaction CSN value: 1872060

  Extract Source                          Begin             End             

  /u02/ggate/dirdat/ba000000001           2018-10-02 14:02  2018-10-07 02:28
  /u02/ggate/dirdat/ba000000000           * Initialized *   2018-10-02 14:02
  /u02/ggate/dirdat/ba000000000           * Initialized *   First Record    
  ./dirdat/ba000000000                    * Initialized *   First Record    

Current directory    /u02/ggate

Report file          /u02/ggate/dirrpt/REP2.rpt
Parameter file       /u02/ggate/dirprm/rep2.prm
Checkpoint file      /u02/ggate/dirchk/REP2.cpr
Checkpoint table     ggs_owner.chktbl
Process file         /u02/ggate/dirpcs/REP2.pcr
Error log            /u02/ggate/ggserr.log

GGSCI (localhost.localdomain as ggs_owner@stdorcl) 7>

We can see CSN number is: 1872060. We can check here replicat detail of rep2 shows us Last Committed Transaction sequence number 1872060. Data is replicated until that sequence number.

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