In the previous article, we have seen the configuration of DDL replication

Configuring and Using Options for DDL Replication

Today we will see Configuration of String Substitution in DDL replication.

We can substitute strings within a DDL operation while it is being processed by Oracle Golden Gate. This feature provides convenience for changing and mapping comments, directory names and other things that are not directly related to data structures.

Multiple DDLSubst statements can be used.

Example :

DDLSubst 'acct' With 'accounts'
Include All ObjName  "comp.*"

In this example, all the objects name which contain acct as a string in their names will be processed and string ‘acct’ will be replaced by “accounts”.

DDL Error Handling

DDLError parameter contains specific error handling rules.

We can handle DDLError in extract and in replicate.

The syntax for Extract :

DDLERROR [RESTARTSKIP number_of_skips] [RETRYDELAY seconds] [SKIPTRIGGERERROR number_of_errors]

By default, if an error occurs in DDL replication reaction of Extract operation would be ABEND. But with this option we can specify an extract to skip and ignore a specific number of DDL operation on startup, to prevent extract from abending on an error. Valid values are 1 to 100000.


Specifies the delay between attempts to retry a failed operation. The default is 60 seconds.

SKIPTRIGGERERROR number_of_errors :

Golden Gate Causes Extract to skip and ignore a specific number of DDL errors that are caused by the DDL trigger on startup. Valid values are 1 through 100000.

SKIPTRIGGERERROR is checked before the RESTARTSKIP option. If Extract skips a DDL operation because of a trigger error, that operation is not counted toward the RESTARTSKIP specification.

To write information about skipped operations to the Extract report file, use the DDLOPTIONS parameter with the REPORT option.

DDLErro for Replicat :


If an error occurs with code 2111 replicat will abend process and if DDLErorr 2222 occur replicat will ignore and continue.

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