In previous article we have seen components or oracle golden gate .

Oracle Golden Gate Components

Today , we will see Process Groups in Oracle Golden Gate .

We may have a different level of replication running in our environment like consolidating topology of oracle golden gate where we are having multiple replicate processor having a cascading topology where we are having multiple extract process.

So to differentiate from them we provide unique names to process groups.

A process group is collection or checkpoint file, parameter file(*.prm), report files, discard files etc associated with specific extract or replicat process.

Oracle Golden Gate supports up to 5000 concurrent extracts and replicat process for each instance of Oracle golden gate manager.

Naming convention in process groups :

You can define any name for process group that your Operating System allows with following limitations :

1. You can define up to 8 character name for your process group and its parameter files. Any charter can be used as long as the character set of the local operating system supports it and the os allows that character to be in a file name.

2. These characters are not allowed in process group :   }  \  / : ? ” < > |

Let us understand one example of process group :

In the above diagram, we can see the Extract Process name is ext1 and Data Pump Process name is pump1. Parameter files associated with these process are created with .prm extension.

Replicat Process name is rep1. The parameter file is created with .prm extension. Report and discard files are created with .rpt and .dsc extension respectively. Checkpoint file is created with process name .cpr extension.

Today, we have seen naming convention of Oracle Golden Gate Process group. In the next articles, we will see Change Capture. Delivery using replicat and everything about Golden Gate.

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