Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle GoldenGate offers a real-time, log-based replication software platform to meet the needs of today’s transaction-driven applications. The software provides capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous databases in real time.

Components in Oracle Golden Gate : 

Following Components are used in Oracle Golden Gate to perform its tasks.

  • Extract
  • Data pump
  • Replicat
  • Trails or extract files
  • Checkpoints
  • Manager
  • Collector

Let us understand each one in brief :

  1. Extract: Oracle Golden Gate extract process reads data from transaction logs from any heterogeneous environment  [i.e. Redo Logs in Oracle database].
  2. Data Pump: Data Pump process sends locally collected trail files to the target server. Note: It is an optional process, but highly recommended.
  3. Replicat: Replicat process reads trail files generated by associated extract files and applies them on the target server.
  4. Trails or Extract Files: Extract process reads transaction logs and stores them in files. These files are trail files. Trail files are written in canonical form.
  5. Checkpoints: Each and every process in Oracle GoldenGate has it’s own checkpoints to maintain data integrity.
  6. Manager: It is the main control process of Golden Gate, the manager process must be running on both extract and replicate server whenever we want to start any of them.
  7. Collector: A basic task of the collector is it receives data sent by extract process and write them to trail files on the target system.

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