Today we are going to have look at the “MONITORING ALERT LOG ORA-ERRORS”. With help of this script DBA can monitor all the ORA-Errors from the alert log and used to send to our mailboxes, he schedules this through a cronjob. Being DBA we all are aware of the importance of Alert Log. For managing the backup we must monitoring alert log.






tail -100 /u02/app/oracle/diag/rdbms/db/ORCL/trace/alert_ORCL.log > /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp.lst
cat /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp.lst | grep ORA- > /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp1.lst
cnt=`cat /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp1.lst |wc -l`
if [ $cnt -gt 0 ]; then
/bin/mail -s "ORA ERRORS FOUND IN ORCL ALERT LOG" < /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp1.lst
rm /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp.lst /u02/app/oracle/monitor/temp1.lst

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