Today we are going to learn about the error occurs in the Oracle RAC environment.

Vipca is not opening new configuration window and is giving error

[root@node2 bin]# ./vipca
Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3])
[Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3])]

To resolve this issue

Perform two steps

[root@node2 bin]# ./oifcfg setif -global bond0/
[root@node2 bin]# ./oifcfg setif -global eth2/
[root@node2  bin]# ./oifcfg getif
bond0 global public
eth2 global cluster_interconnect
[root@node2 bin]#

Now again run vipca and worked fine

[root@node2 bin]# ./vipca

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