Today we are going to have look on “Shrink Lob segment”. Before we start the article we must know about the heading. What does it stands every one must know.

Shrinking Segments: Overview

Shrinking a sparsely populated segment improves the performance of scan and DML operations on that segment.

It resolves mainly two issues:-
• Full table scans (fewer and denser blocks)
• Better index access (fewer I/Os on range ROWID scans due to a more compact tree)


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  1. Christian Klammer

    That works for BASICFILE LOB only; for SECUREFILE LOB you have to use either Datapump, edition-based redifinition or moving the LOB segment to another tablespace.

  2. Sushil Shah

    Hi Anuradha,

    Thanks for sharing the details.One suggestion enable row movement before you go ahead with shrinking, This will help you reclaiming more space and disable the same once done with shrinking.

    Sushil Shah

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