Overview of ACFS:- Oracle ACFS is designed as a general-purpose, single-node and cluster-wide file system that delivers support for customer file system application data maintained outside of Oracle Database. Users and applications can access and manage Oracle ACFS using native operating system file system application programming interfaces (APIs) and command-line interface (CLI) tools. Users can also manage Oracle ACFS with Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle ACFS is designed as a multi-node, shared file system model that delivers coherent, cached, direct storage paths to Oracle ACFS file data from each cluster member.

Oracle ACFS files systems are typically configured for clusterwide access. File systems, files, and directories are visible and accessible from all cluster members and can be referenced by users and applications using the same path names from any cluster member. This design enables simplified application deployments across cluster members and facilitates both multiple instance cluster applications and high availability (HA) failover of unmodified single-node applications.

ACFS commands for multiple environments

  • acfabg   :- It helps in debugs an Oracle ACFS file system.
  • acfsutil info : – We can use to display new ACFS  file and files system features and information.
  • acgs plugin(disable|enable|info) :- It manages the the ACFS plug-in infrastructure.
  • acfsutil snap :- Create and delete ACFS plug-in-infrastructure.
  • acfsutil registry : – Register an ACFS file system with the ACFS mount registry.
  • acfsutil rmfs :- Resize an ACFS file system.
  • acfsutil size :- Resize an ACFS file system.
  • acfsutil snap convert|create|delete|info : – It manages snapshots.
  • acfsutil tune :- it helps to view or modifies ACFS tune-ables.
  • advmutil cononical:- Displays the canonical name of an Oracle ADVM volume.
  • advmutil tune:- Modifies or displays Oracle ADVM parameters.
  • advmutil volinfo:- Displays information about Oracle ADVM volumes.

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