Which is analyzing the Os and cluster resource related degradation and failures.

Its store real time OS metric in the CHM repository and also report and alert when certain metrics pass the resource utilization threshold.

Tool can be replay the historical data to trace back what was happening at the time of failure, and its very useful for RCA.

11202 on-words CHM is fully integrated with Oracle GI.


-> Please focus on below Points

CHM consist of two services: osysmond and ologgerd.

osysmond: Runs every node of the cluster to monitor and collect the OS metrics and send to data to cluster logger services.

ologgerd: Receives the information from all nodes and stores the info in the CHMR (CHM Repository). Ologgerd runs on master node and another node as a standby if the cluster has more than one node.

If master cluster service fails, standby takes over as the master service.

-> check all the node and see the output

ps -ef | grep grep -E ‘osysmond | ologgerd’ | grep -v grep


Same as in Oracle 12c is called GIMR (Grid Infrastructure Management Repository) which is configured at the time of Installation/Up-gradation.

CHM repository stored in OCR and Voting Disks. size requirement of this diskgroup has been increased from the size for the OCR and votingdisk.

So Actual size and retention policy can be managed by “oclumon” tool.


-> Below the commands gives the info.

Repository Size.

Repository Path.

Node for the Cluster Logger service where is running.

Node statistics collected information.

$oclumon manage -get repsize reppath alllogger -details

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