In this Article we will Create RAC Database with PDBS using DBCA.

Step 1 : Once you use dbca , first screen that will open is as below select Create Database and click  next:

Step 2 : Select Advanced Mode and click Next

Step 3 : Select RAC database as database type and Admin Managed as Configuration type.

Step 4 : Give Global Database Name with No of PDBS you want and Prefix name for pdbs :

Step 5 : Select No of nodes for your RAC CDB :

Step 6 : Specify Management option for your database :

Step 7 : Specify Storage for all database files and recovery area as ASM .

Step 8 : Database vault option , click next .

Step 9 : Specify Memory option .I have used Automatics Memory Management.

Step 10 : Create Database , click next

Step 11 : It will display pre-requisites check .

There is warning so , I am ignoring ,click on ignore all and click next.

Step 12 : Check Summary of Database , It shows Global database name , Node list on which your rac database will be created , SID list – cdb11 and cdb12 and etc.

Step 13 : Check Progress of Container and Pluggable database creation.

Once , it is completed click on finish.

Step 14 : Connect to sqlplus with cdb11 sid and check details of pdbs and active instances .

We can see here , cdb1 container database created with db1 and db2 pdbs and  RAC1 and RAC2 as active instances of database.

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