Hello Everyone, As I was going to Oracle through Oracle 12c release 2 documentation, I came across following important new features. This is not the complete list, there are many more new features came out with Oracle release 12c release 2.

  1. Multi-Instance Redo Apply : With Oracle 12c Release 2, you can apply redo logs to multiple instance at the same time to improve recovery time objective.
  2. Oracle Database Sharding : With Oracle 12c Release 2, you can horizontally partitioned data across many databases and present them as a single logical database to application.
  3. Creating Data Guard Standbys With Database Creation Assistant : You can use DBCA to create Oracle Data Guard Standby Database from an existing primary database.
  4. Online Conversion of a Non partitioned Table to a Partitioned Table : Now you can partition large non-partitioned tables online while mainting indexes during this operation and no impact on DML operations.
  5. Automatically Synchronize Password Files in Oracle Data Guard Configurations : You no longer need to update password files on standby database, if you change passwords on primary database.
  6. I/O Rate Limits for PDBs : You can limits the rate of physical I/O issued by a pluggable database (PDB) by specifying I/O requests per second or as Mbps (megabytes of I/O per second).
  7. PDB Character Set : Oracle now have removed a barrier to consolidate databases using PDB’s by allowing a different character set for each pluggable database (PDB) in the same multitenant container database (CDB).
  8. Memory Resource Management :Now you can prevents one PDB from using too much buffer cache, library cache, or program global area (PGA) by managing memory usage between PDB’s within a Container.
  9. Partitioning: Multi-Column List Partitioning : List partitioning functionality is expanded to enable multiple partition key columns.
  10. TDE Tablespace Live Conversion : You can now encrypt, decrypt, and rekey existing tablespaces with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) tablespace live conversion.

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