Introduction: –   As a DBA we all familiar with the backup commands. In the latest database of Oracle,  we find some different commands we must keep it in mind how to take backup. In this article, we are going to know about the  Rman Backup In Multitenant Database Oracle 12c.With multitenant feature introduced in oracle 12c, New commands are there for taking rman backup of the pluggable database and root container database.

Backup of complete container( ROOT + ALL PDBS )

—- Connect to root container

Taking backup of particular pluggable database:(backup pluggable database ORCL;)

—- Connect to root container

Backup of only root container:

Backup of tablespace of pluggable database(by connecting to PDB )

In this article, we have gone through some different and new commands which give an introduction of 12c. Backup plays an important role in any DBA’s job. Oracle latest version provides some new way to get backup. Being Oracle DBA we must have good knowledge of backup of the database . I hope this article provides you a proper acknowledge and help you take backup.

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