We can use createDuplicateDB command duplicates a database with DBCA in Oracle 18c.

Syntax and Parameters

Use the dbca -createDuplicateDB command with the following syntax:

dbca -createDuplicateDB
        -gdbName global_database_name
           -primaryDBConnectionString easy_connect_string_to_the_primary_database
           -sid database_system_identifier
           [-initParams initialization_parameters
[-initParamsEscapeChar initialization_parameters_escape_character]]
[-policyManaged | -adminManaged]
-serverPoolName server_pool_names
[-pqPoolName pq_pool_name]
[-createServerPool new_server_pool_name
[-pqPoolName new_pq_pool_name]
[-pqCardinality pq_cardinality_of_the_new_server_pool]
[-cardinality cardinality_of_the_new_server_pool]]]
[-datafileDestination data_files_directory]
[-databaseConfigType {SINGLE | RAC | RACONENODE}
[-RACOneNodeServiceName service_name_for_RAC_One_Node_database]]
[-dbUniqueName db_unique_name_for_standby_database]]
[-customScripts custom_sql_scripts_to_run_after_database_creation]
[-useWalletForDBCredentials {true | false}
-dbCredentialsWalletPassword wallet_account_password
-dbCredentialsWalletLocation wallet_files_directory]

For creating the duplicate database, our primary database must be in archive log, otherwise we will get an error.

[oracle@18c admin]$ dbca -silent -createDuplicateDB -gdbName DUP18C -primaryDBConnectionString 18c.localdomain:1521/CDB18C.localdomain -sid DUP18C
Enter SYS user password:

[FATAL] [DBT-16051] Archive log mode is not enabled in the primary database.
ACTION: Primary database should be configured with archive log mode for creating a duplicate or standby database.

Run the following command to create a duplicate database.

[oracle@18c admin]$ dbca -createDuplicateDB -gdbName DUP18C -primaryDBConnectionString 18c.localdomain:1521/CDB18C.localdomain -sid DUP18C -initParams DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT='/CDB18C/','/DUP18C/'
[oracle@18c admin]$

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