In this post, we can use createPluggableDatabase command creates a pluggable database (PDB) in a multitenant container database (CDB) with DBCA in Oracle 18c.

[oracle@18c admin]$ dbca -silent -createPluggableDatabase -pdbName DBCAPDB -sourceDB CDB18C
Enter PDBADMIN User Password:  -- Provide password --

Prepare for db operation
13% complete
Creating Pluggable Database
15% complete
19% complete
23% complete
31% complete
53% complete
Completing Pluggable Database Creation
60% complete
Executing Post Configuration Actions
100% complete
Pluggable database "DBCAPDB" plugged successfully.
Look at the log file "/u01/app/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/CDB18C/DBCAPDB/CDB18C.log" for further details.

Let’s connect to the database and check the PDB is created or not.

[oracle@18c admin]$ sqlplus / as sysdba

SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Apr 23 15:02:33 2018

Copyright (c) 1982, 2017, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 18c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SQL> show pdbs

---------- --------------- ---------- ----------
2          PDB$SEED         READ ONLY NO
3          PDB18C1          MOUNTED
4          PDB18C2          READ WRITE NO
5          DBCAPDB          READ WRITE NO


In the next post, we can delete the PDB with DBCA in Oracle 18c.

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