You can perform a direct upgrade to the new release from the following releases:

  • and
  • and

The path that you must take to upgrade to the latest Oracle Database release depends on the release number of your current database. If your current Oracle Database is a release earlier than, then you cannot directly upgrade your Oracle Database to the latest release. In this case, you are required to upgrade to an intermediate release before upgrading to Oracle Database 18c.

The following table lists the default, minimum, and maximum values of the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter in Oracle Database 18c and in each release supported for upgrading to Oracle Database 18c:

Oracle Database upgrades consist of six major steps.
The following figure summarizes the major procedures performed during the upgrade process:

About Oracle Database Release Numbers
Oracle Database releases are categorized by five numeric segments that indicate release information.
Oracle Database releases are released in version and version_full releases. The version is designated in the form major release numeral. The release version is the annual release designation of the database software. For example, 2018 is the release year, and the release version is The version_full release is updated using numeric segments that change, based on the annual release designation of the software, the quarterly release update version (RU), and the quarterly release updates revision (RUR).

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