Installation of the Oracle 18c database software has been successfully completed, now while trying to run DBCA, there was an ORA-12754 error.

Start DBCA DEBUG function, did not find valuable information, or decided to build a database by hand. However, the configuration of the password file and parameter file, the error is still

[oracle@localhost ~]$ sqlplus / as sysdba
SQL> startup nomount;
ORA-12754: Feature 'startup' is disabled due to missing capability 'Runtime Environment'.
[oracle@localhost ~]$ cd $ ORACLE_HOME / bin
[oracle@localhost ~]$ strings oracle | grep 'Runtime Environment'
Runtime Environment

It seems that there are restrictions on the media itself, not the imagination can be installed directly on the X86 platform.

Tried to close some of the components in the makefile, especially the cloud, but it still does not work

[oracle@localhost ~]$ make -f cloud_off ioracle

It seems real to want to experience 18C also need to wait for official media come out.

Stay tuned for more articles on Oracle 18c 

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  1. weejar

    In fact, there is _exadata_feature_on this parameter control, You can increase the _exadata_feature_on=true to parameter file and by creating a db script.

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