These are the changes in Oracle Data Guard Concepts and Administration for Oracle Database Release 19c.

  • The process of flashing back a physical standby to a point in time that was captured on the primary is simplified by automatically replicating restore points from primary to the standby.
  • When flashback or point-in-time recovery is performed on the primary database, a standby that is in mounted mode can automatically follow the same recovery procedure performed on the primary.
  • You can enable the Oracle Database In-Memory Column Store and Data Guard Multi-Instance Redo Apply at the same time on an Active Data Guard standby database.
  • DML operations can be performed on Active Data Guard standby instances. When an invalid PL/SQL object is run on an ADG standby database, the object is automatically recompiled.

These are the changes in Oracle Data Guard Broker for Changes in Oracle Database Release 19c.

  • You can dynamically change the fast-start failover target to a specified member in the list without disabling fast-start failover.
  • Without impacting your current environment, you can test how fast-start failover will work by using the observe-only mode of fast-start failover.
  • The broker configuration can be exported and stored in a text file, thereby enabling you to create a backup of the current broker configuration. When required, you can recreate the broker configuration using the metadata in the exported file. The new commands EXPORT CONFIGURATION and IMPORT CONFIGURATION are used to export and import a broker configuration.
  • New commands are available to set, modify, and display the value of database initialization parameters in a database, far sync instance, or Recovery Appliance. Values set using these commands are directly applied to the database and are not stored in the broker configuration file. The new commands are as follows:

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