Introduction:-  In this article, we are going to learn about HTML-Based Application Architecture. Later on, we will learn about its working process. Being an Application DBA we have knowledge of Oracle Application Architecture. Now we have look on HTML-Based Application Architecture. Oracle HTML-based application are those designed in pure HTML and JavaScript. They dynamically generate HTML pages by executing Java code. They use a metadata dictionary for a flexible layout and operate by direct connection to the web server. It is designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of HTML-based applications.

There are two main components in HTML-Based Application Architecture.

  • Business Components for Java(BC4J) is included in Oracle JDeveloper. It is used to create Java components that represent business logic.
  • AOL/J supplies the Oracle Applications  Framework with the underlying security. It gives OAF its database connection-specific functionality.

The Process of HTML-Based Application Architecture is mention below:-

  • The hyperlink is clicked by the user with the help of web browser from the client desktop.
  • With the help of web listener, the browser connects from the URL.
  • The JSP, in turn, connects the servlet engine(Jserv) and it runs a Java Server Page(JSP).
  • The JSP, in turn, connects the Oracle database, gets information from the metadata dictionary and the content from the application tables in order to construct the HTML page.
  • The web server passes the result HTML page back to the browser


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