Started seeing this OEM error alert mails for OEM agents.

EM Incident: Critical:New: – Agent Blocked (Bounce Counter Mismatch)


For every agent in the repository OEM maintains a Bounce Counter.At the time of agent restart, if the agent side Bounce Counter value is not in sync with repository, then uploads from this agent is getting blocked by OMS until the information about the Agent and all its targets are in sync between the Repository and the Agent.


–Login to your OEM console.

–Go to Setup—Manage Cloud Control—Agent

–Check the agent status is showing as blocked or not. If blocked, select the respective agent and click on unblock button.So that agent will be unblocked.

–After that check targets(database,listener) related to that respective agent is showing as up or not on console. if not, then connect to target database using putty, try to do emctl upload agent.If at the time of upload you have not get any error, then issue has been fixed and you will be able to see target status as up from OEM console. If at the time of upload you got error,

Then try the below steps:

emctl stop agent

emctl clearstate agent

emctl start agent

emctl upload agent.

—Again check the targets status from OEM console that should be shown as available/up.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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