In previous article, we saw the creation of Oracle RAC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Installation of Oracle RAC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI)

In this post, we will see how to configure data guard with RAC on OCI.

  • Assumption : Oracle RAC database is already installed and configured on OCI.

  • Click on Displa Name: DBSVM

  • Click on Databases on Resources in left side pane. Then click on Database Name – SKANTORC

  • Click on Data Guard Association on Resources in left side pane. Then click on Enable Data Guard button.

As shown in the below image. Provide all the information. 

  • Display Name : SKANTDRVM
  • Availability Domain : aXWk:US-ASHBURN-AD-1
  • Shape : VM.Standard2.2
  • Client Subnet : Public Subnet-SKANTVCN(regional)
  • Hostname Prefix : SKANTDR
  • Protection Mode is Maximum Performance by default
  • Transport type is ASYNC.
  • Provide admin password
  • Click on Enable Data Guard.

After sometimes, data guard has been created.

  • Click on the Display Name for Data Guard: SKANTDRVM

 Now, use the private key and public IP of any node and connect to server with OPC user for getting the more details.  

In the next post, we will perform switchover in Data Gaurd for this RAC setup on OCI.

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