In previous post, we installed Grafana on server. Now, we are going to install OCI Plugin for Grafana and set up monitoring. 

Login to server and check grafana cli is working or not.

Then list the plug-in from CLI commands.

After that install the plug-in.

On sucessful installation of plug-in, restart the grafana server and check the plug-in has installed or not.

Now, login to console with admin account.

Click on “Add Data Source“.

Search for “Oracle Cloud Infrastruture” data soucre.

After the data source, the following things:

  • Tenacny OCID
  • Default Region
  • Environment

Click on “Save & Test“. Check the whether data source is working.

Now, press on the “New Dashboard“.

Then select the “Add Query” option.

Then, select the Region, Compartment, Namespace, Metric and Aggreation method the menu.

You can the visualization Graph, Gauge and many more.

Then Click on “Save” icon on the top right side.

You can add user to access as viewer and click on “Add User“.

Then the detail for new users.

To know more about customization in Grafana.

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