In the previous post, we configure the Chef Knife Plugin in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Configure Chef Knife Plugin in OCI

Now, we can provision & manage resources in in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Chef Knife Plugin.

  • Create a VM compute instance with Knife command.
  • Now go to OCI console and verify it. It must be in Provisioning State.

  • After couple of minutes, Instance will be running.

  • Now, let’s add the bootstrapper in new instance as client of Chef Server. Bootstrapping is done through SSH only, and uses the public IP address.  You can create your in reciepe cookbook pass it as run-list. A run-list defines all of the information necessary for Chef to configure a node into the desired state.
  • Now, run and verify the couple of command to manage resources.
  • Test the connection via SSH with pubic IP and Also, test with Knife SSH command.
  • Now, we can deploying the application on client from Chef Workstation with Knife plugin. 
  • Delete the Instance with Knife Plugin.
  • Move back to OCI console and verify it.

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