In this post, we will see the creation of Oracle RAC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

After login to your OCI account, Click on the Menu and choose Bare Metal, VM, Exadata option under Database category.

First, you need to select the compartment name and then click on “Create DB System

As shown in the below image. Provide all the information.

  • Select a compartment
  • Name your DB system – DBSVM
  • Select an availablity domain as per your subscription
  • Select a shape type – Virtual Machine
  • Select a shape – VM.Standard.2.2
Note: VM.Standard.2.2 shape contains 2 nodes.
  • Set the Total node count is 2.
  • OCI for storage management : Grid infrastructure
  • Choose default Available Storage: 256
  • Provide the Cluster Name : SKANTCLST
  • Upload your Public Key
  • Choose a license type : License Included

Step 7 :Next in network information ,provide  VCN detail and client subnet detail. Then provide host prefix. According to the host prefix provided by you , you will see host and domain URL.

  • Database name : SKANTORC
  • Check the Display all available versions.
  • Database version –
  • PDB name : SKANTPDB1
  • Password of sys user.
  • Select the workload type : OLTP (as per your requirement)
  • Optionally, select enable automatic backups

Click on Create DB System.

Wait for few mins and your RAC db will be ready for use.

Click on DBSVM database and you will able to get all the information.

By selecting Nodes from left side panel, you can see nodes information.

Now, use the private key and public IP of any node and connect to server with OPC user for getting the more details.

In the next post, we will create the Data Gaurd for this RAC setup on OCI.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read the above information.

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