Finally, Oracle OCI come up with new feature of changing the shape of VM in Database system without termination.

For an instance, you are running DB system on OCI VM, as time passes, you may required more CPU or less CPU to reduce the costAfter you provision a virtual machine DB system, you can change the shape. New Shape does not impact the amount of storage available to the DB system, it only changes the CPU, Memory and Network bandwidth.

To change the VM shape in DB system, perform the below steps

  • Open the navigation menu. Under Database, click Bare Metal, VM, and Exadata.

  • Choose the compartment and click on DB system from list from list provided.

  • Click on button: Change Shape

  • Select the desired shape, you want to upgrade/downgrade and provide the confirmation.

  • Now wait for sometime, you will able to DB system is updating phase.

  • In few mintues, Shape of VM has been update with new Shape.

Note: If the current shape supports RAC, you can only change that shape to another shape that also supports RAC. For example, you cannot change the shape from VM.Standard2.2 to VM.Standard2.1.

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