Below are the lists new features specifically associated with the base Oracle Enterprise Manager platform which includes the Cloud Control console, Oracle Management Service, and Oracle Management Agents.

  1. Support for Customization of Enterprise Manager Login Page
  2. Middleware Management 
  • Enhancements to Oracle Fusion Middleware Process Control
  • Configure Success and/or Failure Strings in Web Service Tests
  • Oracle Identity Management 12.2.x Management
  • Support for Cloning of SOA or OSB-based Domains Versioned and later
  • JVMD ( Features

3. Cloud Management

  • Virtual Infrastructure Plug-in (13.3)
  • Database/Pluggable Database Onboarding on DBaaS Cloud for easy accessibility of existing DB instances from Self Service Portal.
  • Database/Pluggable Database relocation across cloud pools.
  • Database as a Service support for database 18c including support for relocation and clone refresh.
  • Container Database provisioning from Self Service Portal.
  • Pluggable Database Upgrade using Fleet Maintenance.

4. Database Management

  • Lifecycle management of database 18c including support for provisioning, patching, and upgrade from earlier versions.
  • Database Fleet Maintenance REST API support for Gold Image lifecycle management operations such as creation, deletion, and DB target subscription.

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New Features In Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c

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