This article was written by Skant Gupta and Joel Perez in Oracle OTN.

At the last part of this article we configure the oracle data guard in database cloud service.

Oracle Cloud (DBaaS): Oracle Data Guard in Database Cloud Service ( DBCS )

Now in this this article we will show the necessary steps to perform Switchover, Failover & Reinstate Operations with the DBCS Console.

Performing a Switchover Operation

A switchover operation enables the primary database to switch roles with its standby database. There is no data loss during a switchover. After a switchover, each database continues to participate in the Oracle Data Guard configuration in its new role. A switchover is typically used to reduce primary database downtime during planned outages, such as operating system or hardware upgrades, or rolling upgrades of the Oracle database software and patch sets.

Steps to Perform a Switchover Operation

  1. Open the Oracle Database Cloud Service console.

Figure 7: service console

2. In the list of deployments, click the name of the database deployment you want to perform the switchover on. The Oracle Database Cloud Service Overview page is displayed.

Figure 8: service overview

3. To ensure the Overview page reflects the current role of each database, click the Refresh Configuration icon.

Figure 9: Refresh Configuration

If you want to read rest to the article, go across this link : Switchover,Failover and Reinstate in Database Cloud

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