Storage is an integral part of any cloud project life cycle. Oracle provides distinct storage options according to the need of data being accessed . You can either use option from “hot” storage class  if you want to access it frequently or you can use option from “cold”  storage class if you use it less frequently and by choosing right option you can maximize performance and minimize cost for maintaining storage.

1.Block Volume : A block volume is very commonly used storage type in OCI for its characteristics. You can store data in block volume beyond the lifespan of instance. You can easily attach it , detach it , connect it , move volumes with this option.

2.Boot Volume : Whenever you create a new instance , a boot volume is created in the same compartment , which you can call a local storage of your instance. Boot volume is associated with that instance for the lifespan of that instance. You can even preserve the boot volume when you terminate the instance which enables you to troubleshoot and repair the boot volume.

3. Local NVMe SSD : Local NVMe SSDs can be used for high storage performance requirement. These locally attached SSDs are not protected by default neither any RAID , snapshot , backup options are available for it. You are responsible for it’s durability if you are using this option.

4. File Storage : When it comes to shared storage option , File Storage is the best available option. Compute clusters with thousands of computes uses this option for high performance shared storage. FS is fully automatic and you can go to exabytes from a single byte storage without any upfront provisioning.

5. Object Storage : As I mentioned above , there are two storage class , hot and cold. Object Storage comes in hot class and widely used when your data is frequently used. It is internet-scale , high-performance storage platform. The cost is higher compared to cold storage option but the performance and accessibility it provides justifies the cost.

6. Archive Storage : If the data you want to store is used rarely and you want to retain it for longer period of time then Archive Storage is the best option for you. The time taken for availability of data is little more but the cost efficiency this option provides justifies it.

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