As Oracle annouced that new Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 release is now available for download!

To download it, you can either visit the Oracle Enterprise Manager downloads page or visit the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud.

We are going to upgrade from OEM 13.3 to OEM 13.4 with repository database

Prerequisites for Upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 4

Database Patch Requirements

Ensure that you apply the latest PSU on the supported database.

It is mandatory to apply the latest DB PSU on the supported database before upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Database Jan 2020 Release Update : (30593149)

To know how to apply latest PSU

Apply latest PSU (Jan 2020) on Oracle Home

Optimizer Adaptive Features Disabling Requirements

Repository Table Snapshot Verification Requirements

EMKEY Copy Requirements

OMS Backup Requirements

  • Take a backup at OS level with tar.
  • Take configuration backup.

Management Agent and OMS Shutdown Requirements

Then once the oms and the management agent are stopped, you can create one directory for new middleware home and go the directory and run the installer.

I do not want to receive the security updates, so uncheck the box and click on “Next“.

Select “Skip” as I will completed all prerequisite and click on “Next“.

Make sure that all prerequisite should be succeeded and click on “Next“.

Note: I am ignoring the warning due to RAM crunch on my system.

Select the option ” Upgrade an existing EM System” and click on “Next“.

Enter the new location for middleware home which we created earlier and click on “Next“.

Confirm that you have backed up the Management Repository. As a prerequisite, you must back up the Management Repository before starting the upgrade process. If you have not already taken a backup, then do so immediately, and then return to the installer to continue with the upgrade.

Provide the SYS password and SYSMAN password and click on “Next“.

Review the plug-ins and click on “Next“.

Select the plug-ins which you want to use and click on “Next“.

Fill the detail for admin server and weblogic username & password and click on “Next“.

Check the “Enable BI Publisher” if you are using and click on “Next“.

Set the port if you are required and click on “Next“.

Review all the provided information and click on “Upgrade“.

Monitor the progress and keep checking the database as well & errors in logs.

At the end of the upgrade, you have to run connected as root from the new OMS home the shell 

Check the details for URL and click on “Close”

Check the version OEM and status of OMS after login to console.

You also check the version from command line.

After OMS upgrade has been completed. Now, we can upgrade the agents.

  • From the Setup menu, select Manage Cloud Control, then select Upgrade Agents.
  • For Job Name, accept the default job name, or enter a unique job name.
  • Click Add to select the Management Agents you want to upgrade.
  • Click Submit.

Postupgrade steps after Upgrading to Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Release 4.

  • Delete the old OMS HOME
  • Remove emkey copy.
  • Reset Optimizer Adaptive Features for Oracle Database Enjoy Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4!

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